Al Rahma International Group - A brief about us

Established in 1990 the AR group has a thick background in food business dating back 1960. Developing with the development of the state of qatar. We are now active in ten sectors of business right from production manufacturing to the services. Maintaining the centre in the state of qatar. We are expanding toward GCC and beyond that to russia, china and pakistan. Our diversification is based on an international vision of quality and systematic approach. Our commitment to our clients, customers and consumers has always been a priority and will remain the same.

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Our vision

Al Rahma International Group believes in readily adapting the competitive environment of the professional world. There are certain core ideals that remain relatively steady and provide guidance in the process of strategic decision making.

Al Rahma International Group has a lucid and clear vision, a continued strive to develop a constant harmony in quality and quantity, and being capable to handle each and every project to the international standards.

Our companies